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Introducing SCARLET MFR….

An innovative, safe and effective procedure

SCARLET MFR is a new generation of skin rejuvenation technology, that utilizes Microneedling Fractional Radiofrequency (MFR) rather than laser. Scarlet not only builds up collagen to tighten up the skin, but also improves dermal volume and elastin to improve skin elasticity, texture and turgor resulting in perceptible skin improvement.

How does it work?

Using a small hand piece that contains 25 golden microneedles, the microneedles of SCARLET MFR penetrate under the skin to deliver Radiofrequency at the target location, without harming the outer skin surface. The depth of penetration; intensity and speed of delivery of energy are controllable for best results.

 What are the advantages of SCARLET MFR over lasers?

SCARLET MFR delivers energy under the skin, exactly where you need it for rejuvenation and tightening without harming the skin surface (epidermis).

Therefore, you expect minimal downtime of few hours compared to the downtime of few days with the traditional lasers.  In addition, SCARLET MFR is more gentle on your skin (Laser is more traumatic), so possibility of scarring or burn is much less.

SCARLET MFR, unlike laser, does not interact with melanin, so it is relatively safe for all skin types with minimal side-effects of hyper or hypopigmenation.

What makes SCARLET MFR distinctive among other radiofrequency machines?

First of all, SCARLET MFR uses bipolar radiofrequency which gives more focused energy than the monopolar, so better results

Second, SCARLET MFR uses golden needles, that provide better distribution of energy, and therefore more rejuvenation that regular needles.

In addition, SCARLET MFR uses 2 MHZ that penetrate better on wet and dry skin… in summary, best technical specifications were provided in SCARLET MFR.

What is it useful for?

SCARLET MFR is most effective for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and pore minimization. Therefore it improves wrinkles, texture elasticity. It is also effective for acne, acne scars , stretch marks and hyperhidrosis.

Do I need any preparations before doing scarlet?

Unlike lasers, SCARLET MFR does not require any specific preparations. Simply we clean the skin before doing the session and apply a layer of anesthetic cream for 30 minutes.

What about the downtime, side effects?

So simple and safe. Usually, you should expect some redness of skin for a few hours. Minimal swelling or dryness could occur

When should I expect to see results?

After the second session, you will see a general improvement in the quality of your skin. More glow, less wrinkles, minimization of pores, more tightness and elasticity are a few to mention.

how many sessions do I need?

Usually for skin rejuvenation, you need to do one session per month, for a total of 3-5 sessions. After that, a maintenance program is recommended.

For other conditions, please consult your doctor.

Can I combine SCARLET MFR with other treatments ?

Depending on your skin condition, SCARLET MFR can be combined with Platlet rich Plasma PRP, stem cells or mesotherapy for better results. 

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